Our Services

Banking Experts

  • Inbound Services.- Through its 1800 service line of excellent quality and we take advantage of the call to generate cross sales and basic intelligence.
  • Outbound Sales.- TC, Insurance and Other Banking Products.
  • Help Desk.- Resolving problems and queries HR: Payment dates for utilities, vacations, internal information, permits, settlements, dates of events and others.
  • Attention 24/7. Connected to the systems of the banks: TC locks, closing of accounts, consultation of balances, etc.
  • We also support you in improving and keeping updated your customer databases, which normally in institutions with high volume of clients is a problem since they handle a lot of outdated information.


We do this through different channels and we measure the effectiveness in real time: SMS, Chat2Center (WhatsApp Business), Bot System Campaign, Web App, E-Mailing and Voice.